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 An important objective of NCCR QSIT is to create an atmosphere where female researchers feel welcomed and part of every process, such as decision-making, research, presentation of results etc. Every QSIT researcher should feel appreciated for her or his contribution.

Our strategy focuses on two major goals:

1. Try to attract more young women to start a career in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering or quantum information theory.

2. Try to keep female scientists in the pipeline of a scientific career

  • Lunch meetings to discuss careers
  • Opportunity to meet with visiting female speakers
  • Networking: QSIT Women Networking! and QSIT ladies regular table
  • Support and resources for parents: please , advice may also be found at Useful links  


  • Prof. Vanessa Wood (ETHZ), 
  • Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL), 
  • Dr. Ilona Blatter, 
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