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The NCCR Quantum Science and Technology is committed to advance the careers of young researchers and women. The goals are envisaged by different activities:

Lectures: The Project Leaders of the different institutions in the NCCR give specialized lectures envisaging young researchers at different levels of their scientific careers.

Advancement of Young Researchers: There will be one workshop per year entirely organized by the PhD students and postdocs, with the goal to enhance the networking between the young scientists and education across fields.

Advancement of Women: There will be different approaches to attract and support women in physics research. The support of young families is envisaged by different measures.

Mini-sabbaticals: Each PhD student and postdoc associated with this NCCR will have the opportunity to work at least one week per year in another NCCR group of his/her choice.

Special Lectures for Students: Once a semester an outstanding lecturer is invited to give a 2 hour lecture at an appropriate level for master students.

SNSF Special Measures: Mobility grant and 120% support grant
The SNSF has launched the Special Measures doctoral mobility (PhD students only) and 120% support grant (postdocs only, with family obligations).

QSIT Workshops: In the frame of the 'advancement of young researchers' - program the NCCR QSIT offers workshops dedicated to career building topics.

The projects mentioned above will be promoted actively as an intellectual challenge for all NCCR researchers. The promotion of young researchers and women in this field will be instrumental to shape the future and to set the standards for scientific quality, collaboration and open the view towards applications and interaction with society.

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