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Members of NCCR QSIT

Name Affiliation Publications
Blatter, Gianni, Prof. Dr.
ETH Quantum Condensed and Coherent Systemes
Bruder, Christoph, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing
Degen, Christian, Prof. Dr.
ETH Spin Physics and Imaging
Ensslin, Klaus, Prof. Dr. ETH Nanophysics
Esslinger, Tilman, Prof. Dr.
ETH Quantum Optics Group
Faist, Jérôme, Prof. Dr. ETH Quantum Optoelectronics Group
Fontcuberta i Morral, Anna, Prof. Dr. EPFL Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials
Fuhrer, Andreas, Dr.
IBM Nanoscale Science
Gisin, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. Uni Geneva GAP-Quantique
Home, Jonathan, Prof. Dr. ETH Trapped Ion Quantum Information Group
Ihn, Thomas, Prof. Dr. ETH Nanophysics
Imamoglu, Atac, Prof. Dr. ETH Quantum Photonics Group
Kippenberg, Tobias, Prof. Dr.
Photonics and Quantum Measurements Lab
Klinovaja, Jelena, Prof. Dr.
Uni Basel Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing
Loss, Daniel, Prof. Dr.
Uni Basel Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing
Maletinsky, Patrick, Prof. Dr.
Uni Basel Quantum Sensing Lab
Merkt, Frédéric, Prof. Dr. ETH Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
Morpurgo, Alberto, Prof. Dr.
Uni Geneva Quantum Electronics Group
Novotny, Lukas, Prof. Dr.
ETH Photonics Laboratory
Poggio, Martino, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Spin, Quantum Electronics, Nanomechanics
Renner, Renato, Prof. Dr. ETH Quantum Information Theory
Salis, Gian, Dr. IBM IBM - Science and Technology
Schönenberger, Christian, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Nanoelectronics Group
Treutlein, Philipp, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Quantum Atom Optics Lab
Troyer, Matthias, Prof. Dr.
ETH Computational Physics
Wallraff, Andreas, Prof. Dr.
ETH Quantum Device Lab
Warburton, Richard, Prof. Dr.
Uni Basel Nano-Photonics Group
Wegscheider, Werner, Prof. Dr.
ETH Advanced Semiconductor Quantum Materials
Willitsch, Stefan, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Chemistry and Physics of Ultracold Molecular Ions
Wolf, Stefan, Prof. Dr. USI (Lugano) Cryptography and Quantum Information
Wood, Vanessa, Prof. Dr. ETH Laboratory for Nanoelectronics
Zbinden, Hugo, Prof. Dr. Uni Geneva GAP-Quantum Technologies
Zumbühl, Dominik, Prof. Dr. Uni Basel Quantum Coherence Lab

Associate Members of NCCR QSIT

Former QSIT Members

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