Phase I / 2011 - 2014

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A key goal of this NCCR is to facilitate strong interactions between the involved groups and to overcome the boundaries between different approaches to achieve unprecedented levels of quantum control and manipulation.

The following shows the different approaches (A and B, respectively) and the topical sections (1 to 3) according to which the research network was organized.

Section 1

Spectroscopy of single and few quantum systems

Characterization, manipulation and control of quantum states; measurement of decoherence times and mechanisms

Atoms, molecules and photons -
Cavity Optomechanics – Quantum Measurements and Backaction

Solid state systems -
Quantum Spintronics
B1: Si, Ge, and GaAs systems
B2: Carbon-based materials

Section 2

Entanglement and strong correlation in few and many quantum systems

Bell-state measurements; realization of new quantum states formed by strong correlation

Atoms, molecules and photons -
A: Atoms and Molecules in Lattices: New Approaches to Quantum Simulation

Solid state systems -
Fractional quantum Hall states for topological quantum information processing

Section 3

Hybrid quantum systems

Coupling of solid-state, atomic and/or photonic quantum systems; coherent transport of quantum information

Atoms, molecules and photons -
A: Hybrid Quantum Systems using Microwave Frequency On-Chip Resonators as a Coupling Bus

Solid state systems -
Quantum repeaters for Quantum Communications

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