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Organisation in phase II

ETH Zurich is the leading house of the NCCR Quantum Science and Technology.
The University of Basel acts as co-leading house.
The NCCR is managed by the Executive Board and the Scientific Committee.

Executive Board:

Klaus Ensslin (ETHZ), director
Tilman Esslinger (ETHZ), vice director
Richard Warburton (Basel) co-director
Ilona Blatter (ETHZ), coordinator

Scientific committee:

Klaus Ensslin, Tilman Esslinger, Richard Warburton,
Renato Renner (ETHZ) and Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL)
Martino Poggio (Basel) and Lukas Novotny (ETHZ)
Nicolas Gisin (Geneva) and Andreas Wallraff (ETHZ)
Ilona Blatter (ETHZ), coordinator

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