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Open positions within the NCCR QSIT are posted under open positions.

External positions – that means not within the NCCR QSIT – are posted below.

Date posted Position
14.07.2017 Vienna, Austria: PhD positions at the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS), link
3.07.2016 University of Durham, UK: two postdoctoral positions to investigate ultracold gases of polar molecules, flyer (PDF, 203 KB)
28.06.2017 University of Heidelberg, Germany: PhD positions in quantum optics theory, flyer (PDF, 131 KB)
21.06.2017 Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany: Professorship (W2) (6 years/tenure track) of Experimental Physics – Solid-State Quantum Nanosystems, link1 and link2.
20.06.2017 University of Waterloo, Canada: 2 postdoctoral research positionsin with an experimental background in semiconductor devices, nano- and micro-fabrication, and cryogenic transport measurements flyer (PDF, 150 KB)
15.06.2017 Trento, Italy: post-doc position is available at the Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) Center in Trento, flyer (PDF, 128 KB)

University of Jyvaskyla, Finland: Associate professorship in experimental nanophysics link

1.06.2017 Siemens AG, Munich, Germany: Interns and Consultants at Siemens Managment Consulting, flyer 1, flyer 2
23.05.2017 Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia: two postdoctoral positions available in the ultracold Fermi gas experimental group link1, link2.
22.05.2017 University of Cologne, Germany: 2 Postdoc positions on Majorana fermion devices pdf (PDF, 84 KB)
16.05.2017 University of Vienna, Austria: new PhD openings within the graduate program on Complex Quantum Systems  (CoQuS) link
16.05.2017 Technical University Braunschweig (Germany): permanent professor position (W2) in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics link
15.05.2017 University of Ottawa, Canada: Trillium scholarships for international PhD students, link
15.05.2017 University of Ottawa, Canada: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, link
15.05.2017 Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany: Post Doc opportunity in Sensing with color centers in diamond nanostructures flyer (PDF, 449 KB)
12.05.2017 University of Florence, Italy: Post-doctoral position for an experimental research activity in the field of twodimensional ultracold Fermi gases, pdf (PDF, 28 KB)
27.04.2017 Lund University, Sweden: PhD positions in physics: Thermodynamics in semiconductor systems with very few electrons, flyer (PDF, 45 KB), link
27.04.2017 Lund University, Sweden: PhD positions in physics: Thermoelectric and photo-thermoelectric energy conversion flyer (PDF, 45 KB)link
27.04.2017 Lund University, Sweden: PhD positions in physics:Electron- and hole-spin phenomena in quantum dots flyer (PDF, 45 KB), link
19.04.2017 Manchester, UK: postdoctoral posts in condensed matter theory and 2D materials modelling link
3.04.2017 University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia: Professor / Associate Professor of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics link
31.03.2017 QC Ware, Paolo Alto, CA, USA: quantum algorithms research position flyer (PDF, 39 KB)
28.03.2017 École Normale supérieure, Paris, France: several openings for PhD students and Postdocs, Ultra cold Fermi gases flyer (PDF, 2.8 MB)
10.03.2017 University of Oxford, UK: Associate Professor in Quantum Information (two posts) link
9.02.2017 ICFO, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain: several open postdoctoral positions and PhD fellowships in the area of 2D materials.
8.03.2017 Vienna, Austria: Postdoc Fellowships in Austria within the Erwin Schrödinger Centre for Quantum Science and Technology link
6.03.2017 TU Delft, Netherlands: several PhD and post-doc openings - theory on topology and superconducting junctions link
2.03.2017 15 PhD positions in Optomechanical Technologies (OMT) for H2020 Marie Curie European Training Network link and flyer (PDF, 2.8 MB)
1.03.2017 Higher School of Economics, Moscow: postdoc position in condensed matter physics link
24.02.2017 Grenoble, France: The Quantum Engineering Grenoble (QuEnG) programme from Université Grenoble-Alpes complemented by the GreQuE European COFUND programme will offer 35 PhD positions for research projects in Quantum Engineering. Flyer1 (PDF, 243 KB), flyer2. (PDF, 233 KB)
23.02.2017 University of Vienna, Austria: Full Professorship in Experimental Quantum Physics link
20.02.2017 The International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology, Munich, is opening new PhD positions in fall 2017 link, pdf (PDF, 211 KB), flyer (PDF, 1.2 MB)
20.02.2017 Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: opening for a permanent associate professorship at QMATH, in mathematical physics and/or quantum information link
10.02.2017 Freie Universität Berlin, Germany: Postdoctoral position in condensed matter and quantum information theory pdf (PDF, 24 KB)
10.02.2017 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Riverside: Faculty position link
10.02.2017 Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Krakow, Poland: Two postdoctoral positions in the research area of theoretical quantum optics/cold atoms/atomic physics/condensed matter pdf (PDF, 33 KB)
Fermi Gases Group at ENS, Paris: two openings for experimental Master’s projects starting this spring pdf (PDF, 2.5 MB)
8.02.2017 University of Cambridge, UK: postdoc positions in ultracold atom experiments link
6.02.2017 ABB corporate research, near Baden, Switzerland: Scientist, Low Voltage DC-Switchgear pdf (PDF, 142 KB)
19.01.2017 National High Magnetic Field Laboratory: Dirac Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics pdf (PDF, 24 KB)
19.01.2017 VU University Amsterdam: The atomic-, molecular and laser physics group has several openings for PhD and postdoctoral research, pdf (PDF, 640 KB), link
19.01.2017 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS): Postdoctoral researcher in condensed matter and quantum information link
13.01.2017 University of Birmingham, U.K.: condensed matter theory postdoc position link
20.12.2016 Massey University Auckland, New Zealand: Postdoctoral Position in Computational Theoretical Physics link
12.12.2016 The Max Planck/Harvard Research Center for Quantum Optics: Postdoctoral Fellowships in Quantum Science link
12.12.2016 University of Stuttgart, Germany: bilateral PhD position Stuttgart - Erlangen: Hot Rydberg atoms inside hollow core fibres pdf (PDF, 3.6 MB)
12.12.2016 University of Stuttgart, Germany: bilateral PhD position Stuttgart - Jerusalem: Integrated atomic spectroscopy with photonic waveguides pdf (PDF, 607 KB)
7.12.2016 Columbia University, New York City: Postdoc position in Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics pdf (PDF, 137 KB)  
21.11.2016 Paul Drude Institut, Berlin: PhD Project: Quantum Transport in Nanowires link  
21.11.2016 Ecole Polytechnique, France: Faculty position opening in Experimental Physics of Quantum Materials and/or Quantum Devices (Deadline Dec 1st) link
21.11.2016 University of Brussels, Belgium: postdoc position in  topological states of matter/Ultracold quantum gases/Quantum simulation and artificial gauge fields link
21.11.2016 University of Trento, Italy: two post-doc positions are available at the Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) Center in Trento, deadline 16.1.2017, link
21.11.2016 Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Condensed Matter Theory at New York University link
7.11.2016 University of Sheffield, UK: PhD in photonics with atomically thin 2D materials beyond graphene, pdf (PDF, 54 KB)
7.11.2016 University of Sherbrookes, Canada: Prized postdoctoral positions in quantum materials, physics of quantum information & quantum technologies, pdf (PDF, 119 KB)
3.11.2016 Grenoble, France: Postdoctoral position in condensed matter theory pdf (PDF, 28 KB)
27.10.2016 Department of Physics at Imperial College London, UK: two Lecturers in Experimental Quantum Physics link
27.10.2016 Miami University, Oxford, OH, USA: Assistant Professor in experimental quantum optics/quantum information link
27.10.2016 Colorado School of Mines, Golden, USA: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor positions in theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, link1 and link2
20.10.2016 Boston University, USA: postdoc position in condensed matter theory pdf (PDF, 13 KB)
20.10.2016 University of Connecticut, USA: two faculty positions in Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics link
12.10.2016 Université Paris Nord, BEC Group: PhD position available for an experimental thesis on the phase diagram and dynamics of strongly interacting 1D Bose gases link
12.10.2016 Harvard University, Cambridge, USA: Tenure-track assistant professor in experimnetal physics. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: quantum condensed-matter physics; atomic, molecular, and optical physics; and quantum science link
10.10.2016 TU Munich, Germany: experimental PhD position on quantum optical studies of discrete emitters in solids, Prof Finley's group
10.10.2016 The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan, invites applications for at least 5 new faculty positions, among which Physics (Quantum Information; Ultracold Physics; Condensed Matter; Cosmology/Gravitational Waves) link
6.10.2016 Instituut-Lorentz for theoretical physics of Leiden University, The Netherlands: Postdoc position in Condensed matter theory for quantum information processing link
4.10.2016 University of Jyvaskyla, Finland: postdoctoral researcher in Condensed Matter Physics link
3.10.2016 Princeton University, NJ, USA: Faculty Position in Experimental Physics link
3.10.2016 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA: Condensed Matter Theory Facutly Position link
3.10.2016 University of Southern California, USA: Physics & Astronomy – Tenure Track Assistant Professor Faculty Position Experimental Quantum Information Science link
3.10.2016 Virginia Tech, Dept. of Physics, VA, USA: Tenure Track Experimental Nanoscale Science Position link
3.10.2016 Stanford Universit, CA, USA: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics – tenure-track Assistant Professor link
22.09.2016 LASSP, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA: Tenure Track position in Theoretical Physics link
15.9.2016 Tel Aviv University, Israel: Postdoc position, pdf (PDF, 15 KB)
15.9.2016 Max-Planck Institute for Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany: PhD and PostDoc positions in “Quantum Many-Body Atom-Photon Systems”, pdf (PDF, 91 KB)
15.9.2016 Emmy-Noether research group on quantum sensing at the Walter Schottky Institute of TU Munich invites applications for a PhD position, pdf (PDF, 574 KB)
15.9.2016 attocube Systems AG Munich: Early Stage Researcher, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network Spin-NANO, 36 months position pdf (PDF, 202 KB)
14.9.2016 IST Austria: Tenure-track assistant professor and tenured professor positions to lead independent research groups in all areas of Physics pdf (PDF, 23 KB)
12.9.2016 University of New Mexico, USA: Theory Postdoctoral Fellows Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) pdf (PDF, 108 KB)
12.9.2016 Faculty Position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey link
16.8.2016 Oxford University, UK: Senior Research Fellow, working to develop single molecule devices for conceptual breakthroughs and eventual applications in low-energy computing link
16.8.2016 Oxford University, UK: Senior Research Fellow, working to develop single molecule devices for conceptual breakthroughs and eventual applications in low-energy computing link
14.7.2016 The Center for Quantum Devices and Station Q Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen: PhD fellow in realizing superconducting muliti-qubit devices link
13.7.2016 University of Goettingen, Germany: Faculty appointment in Condensed Matter Theory link
7.7.2016 Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, France: Junior Research Chair call at ENS Paris link
4.7.2016 University of Pisa, Italy: PhD (post-doc) positions available at University of Pisa pdf (PDF, 30 KB)
1.7.2016 University of Innsbruck, Austria: Senior Scientist at the Institute of Experimental Physics link
1.7.2016 Aalto University, Finland: Postdoctoral Researchers (fixed term) in the area of experimental superconducting quantum devices link
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